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Employment and Training Service Resources for Military Spouses

Are you a military spouse in need of help with employement licensing?

Members of the military are often asked to PCS (permanently change station), deploy or otherwise move from one base to another. While they have stable employment through the service, their families, particularly their spouses, do not. When a military spouse is force to relocate because of their partner, they must find new employment on their own. This problem is made even more difficult and complex when that spouse’ occupation requires a specific certification or license. Many licenses come with location specific training, fees and other administrative burdens.

In 2017, Congressman Heck was an original cosponsor of H.R. 1796, the Lift the Relocation Burden from Military Spouses Act, which expedites license portability and provides for reimbursement of fees for an license application after a military move. In the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (HR 2810) Congress passed similar language that allowed reimbursements for such fees and provided for special consideration of state licensing for military spouses.

Military spouses have a dedicated tool available to them (, where they can find resources, state specific and occupation specific transfer options. Solutions like this should reduce the burden on military spouses and make it easier for them to transverse across the United States with their family. This portal provides multi-agency input for better transparency on the patchwork of state licensing laws. It also links to other employment opportunities and to information to support military spouses as they support our servicemembers.